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Is an ex trying to take your child from you? Just been served with divorce papers in Annapolis, Maryland? Contact an exceptional Family Law Lawyer at The Greenberg Legal Group.

Summer is on the horizon in Annapolis, and Maryland families around the Chesapeake Bay can look forward to another potentially even hotter and muggier sunny season. With it, a spike in family conflicts that invariably occur in warmer weather, with the stress of travel or the burden of kids home all the time.

It is often during these months that conflicts begin or flare up, and while some will die down, or simmer until next summer or a holiday fiasco sets them off, others will never die down, and divorce papers get drawn up or custody battles begin. If that does happen to you in Annapolis, do not stress, do not panic, and certainly do not do anything that might jeapardize the real priority, keeping your kids.

Instead, call Maryland family law lawyer Robert Greenberg, whose family law firm offers extensive support throughout any custody battle or divorce or whose services may help you avoid a messy conflict in the first place.

What Kinds Of Family Conflict Or Legal Issues Require An Annapolis Lawyer?

There is a big difference between family tensions, which might require the help of a psychologist or counselor, and a legal conflict. In the latter, a line is almost always crossed. Divorce has been announced, papers filed, or a demand made about an existing or future custody arrangement that would tear the family apart.

Not all of these conflicts are resolved in court. Some families or couples will be able to reach amicable agreements, especially with the help of an experienced attorney or family law mediator. Such negotiations can take time, but they can lead to an uncontested divorce agreement or a child custody modification that merely needs to be rubber-stamped by a judge.

In other cases, however, things will escalate. A divorce will get bogged down in who keeps what assets or who gets custody of children (or even pets!), custody battles drag out, or a parent gets desperate and takes their children without permission out of the state or even country.

No matter what is happening to you or how you think things are going, once that line from tension to conflict has been crossed or if you are afraid it might be, you should contact a lawyer. A family law attorney like Robert Greenberg in Annapolis will be able to help you through this situation and ensure the outcome is as positive as possible for you, your family, and your finances.

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What Can Our Annapolis Family Law Attorney Do For Your Maryland Case?

Family Law Lawyer, Annapolis, Maryland

How much our legal team can do to help and the difference we can make in your family law conflict, whether it be divorce or custody, will depend in no small part on when you are able to reach out to us.

Preventative Family Law Services Can Help Avoid Worse Conflicts

If you get in touch well in advance, before even those tensions are emerging, perhaps even before you get married in the first place, a bit of preventative action can do a lot to stave off worse conflicts in the future.

Pre-nuptial agreements are increasingly common as individuals are aware of the dangers of a messy divorce; by entering into such an agreement ahead of time, you can take the teeth out of any future divorce process.

However, not nearly as many couples in Maryland realize that these agreements can be made during marriage as well. Post-nuptial agreements can be just as effective, and for many couples, establishing rules and consequences for a divorce can even help avoid one, or at least ensure that if the tensions worsen, everyone knows what to expect and no one needs to go through a lengthy court battle.

These agreements are only as good as their writers, however, so always make sure to work with an experienced attorney before signing one.

Do Not Risk The Divorce Process In Annapolis Without A Lawyer

Regardless of whether or not you have a prenuptial agreement heading into the divorce, once you have been served those papers or decide to go ahead with the legal separation in Maryland, you will need an attorney.

Even if everything is going smoothly on the surface, and your ex is ready to sign an amicable agreement, you need to have that agreement drafted by an attorney to avoid mistakes which can be disastrous later down the line. And sometimes a smiling face can conceal a less-than-friendly intent, and you do not want to risk your finances, future, or family, without first verifying the agreement with a lawyer.

In the event that it does escalate, whether because the conflict is already confrontational or because those agreement negotiations break down on a crucial aspect like child custody or visitation rights, you will want to have an attorney on your side who has been following the case from the start. The more evidence we have, the more we understand every party involved, and the more convincing our arguments and cross-examinations will be if the divorce ends up before an Annapolis or Maryland family law court judge.

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Family Law Lawyer, Annapolis, Maryland

It is Never Too Late To Hire A Lawyer For A Post-Divorce Custody Conflict

Just because a divorce agreement has been signed or imposed by the court does not mean the conflict is neccessarily over, or a new one will not emerege. Custody conflicts or disputes are common in many post divorce families, as spouses find previous arrangements no longer work, cost issues emerge, or someone gets a job offer or needs to move for family reasons.

These custody modification requests can threaten a finely balanced family dynamic or even be weaponized as a form of payback or revenge. When they threaten your family, or when you need to request a legitimate modification or change of custody because the current situation is untenable, you will need a lawyer to ensure the court takes your position seriously and all the evidence in your favor can be gathered and presented persuasively.

When Family Conflicts Arise, Contact An Annapolis Lawyer Near You

Greenberg Legal Group | Annapolis Maryland Family Law Lawyers And Services You Can Count On

Hopefully, this Annapolis summer will spare your family, and no tensions or conflicts will emerge. But if you are reading this, chances are you are already experiencing something worth contacting a Maryland family law attorney about.

Just remember the earlier you get in touch, the more we can do to help ensure an ideal outcome for your divorce or custody conflict. So call (410) 650-4242 now, or contact our team online to start protecting the things that matter most: your finances, your future, and your family.

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