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Protective Orders & Peace OrdersUnfortunately, people often go through very difficult circumstances which require that they seek protection through the court system. This could include domestic violence, harassment, assault, stalking, or other conditions in which your safety may be at risk.

In these situations, depending on your relationship with the person you are seeking protection from, you either need a protective order or a peace order. These restraining orders can place restrictions on the other person’s actions and behavior, such as keeping them away from your home or work or requiring them to stop contacting you.

What Is The Difference Between A Peace Order And A Protective Order?

Both a protective order and a peace order have the same purpose: protecting you from interactions with a specific individual who you believe could place you in danger. However, whether you need to obtain a protective order or a peace order depends on the person’s relationship to you.

A protective order should be petitioned if you fear or anticipate that a person close to you may cause you harm. Often, these are familial relationships, such as a spouse, parent, or child. Sometimes, they can be requested for step-parents or step-siblings. They could also apply to romantic or intimate relationships, depending on the recency of the relationship.

Peace orders, on the other hand, can apply to almost anyone, but these relationships are usually more removed from you. For example, you could obtain a peace order against a neighbor, a colleague, an acquaintance, or anyone else you believe could endanger you.

Do I Need An Attorney To Obtain A Peace Order Or Protective Order?

While hiring a lawyer may not be a legal requirement for you to obtain a protective order or peace order, having an order of protection attorney is the most assured method of getting the security you are seeking. A protection or peace order attorney can support you by answering questions, ensuring you complete the right steps, and gathering evidence for your case.

As the petitioner, the burden of proof is on you to demonstrate to the court that you are entitled to relief. If you fail to meet that burden, the court will not grant you the protection that you are seeking. Therefore, it is extremely important that you have effective legal counsel to present your story and evidence to the court demonstrating your need for protection.

Whether you are pursuing or defending against a petition for a protective or peace order, the Greenberg Legal Group can help you through this process and provide you with the representation you need. Our protective order process law firm can assist you with filing your initial petition, transferring your protective order case from district court to circuit court, and more.

How Can I Defend Myself Against A Peace Order Or Protective Order?

Protective orders and peace orders are serious matters, regardless of whether the order was merited. Breaking the rules of a restraining order can have severe consequences, such as prison time and a permanent criminal record. Because of this, the first step to defending a protective order or peace order is to ensure you follow it, even if you think it is unjust.

To fight a peace or protective order filed against you, it is crucial to have evidence to back up your claims. The best way to defend yourself against a restraining order is to work with an attorney who is experienced in protective and peace order violation defense law and can provide you with sound legal guidance.

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Restraining orders can be disruptive and burdensome, no matter which side you are on – but they also may be imperative to your safety and well-being and are sometimes the best way for you to move forward.

To find out more information about protective and peace orders, or if you believe you need a restraining order against someone, please contact our firm in Annapolis, MD, at (410) 650-4242. If someone has wrongfully placed an order against you, we also offer legal representation for protective orders. Call Greenberg Legal Group LLC today to defend your rights or attain the safe environment you and your family deserve!

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