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Name Changes & Gender IdentificationMaryland law allows both adults and minors to change their legal name. A name change can be a monumental step for individuals and have great personal significance. Provided that the name change is not requested for any fraudulent or illegal purpose, you may ask the Court to legally change your name.

There are specific requirements and procedures which individuals must follow in order to have their name legally changed. Additionally, individuals seeking to legally change their name must provide specific documentation to the Court relating to their name change request. Failure to follow the proper procedures can result in the Court denying or dismissing your request to legally change your name. It is important that the requirements set forth under the Maryland Rules of Civil Procedure be followed correctly so that the Court can not only consider, but grant your request for a legal name change.

In addition to legally changing your name, you can also ask the Court for a judicial declaration of gender identity. You can seek a judicial declaration of gender identity regardless of whether you are seeking to have your name changed. This process can be extremely beneficial for individuals who have a specific gender designation on their birth certificate and wish to change their legal gender designation.

Robert Greenberg, Esq. and the law firm of Greenberg Legal Group LLC can provide the legal guidance and expertise that you need when it comes to legally changing your name or gender identification. Our firm is located in Annapolis, Maryland and practices in Courts throughout the State of Maryland. Please contact our office at (410) 650-4242 for further assistance.

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