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How To Prepare For Divorce In Maryland Lawyer, Annapolis, MDHow Can Someone Prepare For An Impending Divorce In Maryland?

Before you or your partner initiate a divorce case, it is best to consult with an attorney who will be able to listen to your concerns and explain to you all the considerations you should keep in mind when proceeding through the divorce process. There are many issues which may need to be addressed as part of the divorce process, ranging from custody and child support to alimony and marital property.

Divorces can be especially complex when the parties have been married for an extended period of time. Throughout the course of the marriage, the parties typically accumulate property such as houses, cars, bank accounts, retirement accounts and other assets. As part of the divorce, all of this property needs to be addressed. Thus, consulting with an attorney is crucial in order to fully understand exactly what a divorce will mean for you and your assets before you file.

If you believe that your spouse may be filing for divorce, it is also recommended that you contact an attorney for advice on what to do to put yourself in the best position going into the divorce case.

If I Move Out Of The Family Home Prior To Filing For Divorce In Maryland, Will I Lose Rights To My Property?

Moving out of your shared home or filing for divorce does not constitute a waiver of any claim to any marital property that may be subject to distribution as part of your divorce. Certainly, while dividing the marital property between you and your partner, the Court will consider the circumstances surrounding the separation and what led to the divorce.

Is There Any Benefit To Being The Person Who Files For Divorce In Maryland?

There is no deference or preference given by the Court to either person based on who files for divorce first. It is a common misconception that the plaintiff is looked upon more favorably by the Court, but this is legally incorrect. The court will treat both parties equally.

With that being said, there may be strategical advantages to being the first person to file for divorce. If you are taking the more proactive approach by filing first, you may be able to control the course of the case as it begins, and potentially having more time to prepare. This also allows for a more aggressive approach from the outset of the litigation if that is the approach which you desire to take.

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