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One of the ways to overcome communication barriers is to limit verbal discussions if you suspect they will always lead to argumentative, heated, or emotional attitudes. While these reactions are natural, they can take away from having a productive conversation. Sometimes people find that it is easier to put their thoughts into writing for critical issues. This way, they can communicate via text or e-mail, which often allows people to think thoroughly about what they write before sending it.

Furthermore, there are many apps for phones that parents can use to communicate that help facilitate difficult discussions.

What Other Effective Ways We Can Minimize Potential Conflicts When Co-Parenting?

When an issue comes up, it’s wise to try your best to discuss the topic with the other parent calmly. When doing so, anticipate that the other parent might disagree with your thoughts and be okay with the disagreement. The stakes are exceptionally high, creating an emotional and perhaps intense atmosphere for discussion. It is normal to feel uncomfortable when you and the other parent have different views about issues concerning your children. Once both parties understand that it is acceptable to have different views, they can take the next step of reconciling their differences and minimizing conflict.

It’s important to note that there is a big difference between conflict and disagreement. Disagreement is natural, but conflict arises when you cannot productively resolve the disagreement. Thus, understanding the difference between those two and learning to allow disagreements to exist in a calm atmosphere is key to effective communication.

At What Point In My Divorce Or Custody Situation Should I Hire Your Firm?

Whether it’s a divorce, custody dispute, or both, at least trying to discuss the relevant issues with the other parent is essential before hiring an attorney. However, getting an attorney involved early is critical because it can help steer your case in the right direction from the start.

Unfortunately, people often wait until it’s too late (or the last minute) to get an attorney involved, which puts them at a significant disadvantage. Without an attorney supporting them from the beginning, people often miss out on opportunities to strengthen their case and make sure they receive a positive outcome.

What Benefits Does It Bring To Having Your Firm Involved As Early On As Possible In Custody Matters, Especially When It’s A Contested Situation?

Our firm provides a solid balance between resolving issues amicably and knowing when and how to navigate the litigation process. A knowledgeable attorney will consider all possible resolutions to a case, explain those avenues to the client, and work with the client to decide which route is best to pursue. This helps the client from the very beginning of the case because we can start to address any disagreements as early as possible. This likely means there will be a much better chance of resolving the dispute amicably. However, if the parties can’t find a way to resolve their difference, our firm is ready and willing to aggressively and zealously pursue our client’s interests in Court.

Overall, providing a balance between trying to find an amicable resolution and strongly advocating for our client in Court is an asset we bring to the client. This strategy is most effective when our firm is able to get involved either before litigation begins or at the beginning of the case such that our firm is able to counsel the client throughout the process.

What Sets You And Your Firm Apart In Guiding Parents Through Custody Matters And Other Family Law Matters In Maryland?

One of the essential qualities that set our law firm apart when guiding parents through family law matters is providing specialized attention to each client’s specific needs and the contextual background of each case. Every case has specific details and issues – there is no such thing as a “cookie-cutter” case. Every parent has a different background and set of experiences, and their children have different needs. That is why we give individualized attention to each case to meet each client’s unique and individual needs.

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