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  • By: Robert Greenberg, Esq.
  • Published: April 6, 2022
How A Business Lawyer With Personal Injury Experience Can Help With Your Slip And Fall Case

When a small business owner opens their business, odds are they aren’t thinking about the risk of lawsuits. Most business owners hope that they don’t have to face lawsuits and do everything they can to avoid them from the start. Unfortunately, most companies face lawsuits at some point during their operation, no matter how careful they are.

A smart small business owner should have a lawyer to represent the company in the case of a legal issue, especially if it involves a party who was injured at your place of business. This is where a personal injury lawyer, with an emphasis on slip and falls in a business like our friends at Cohen & Cohen, can help if you find yourself injured in a business or professional establishment or if you are facing a lawsuit from one of your customers.

Invitee Status

An invitee is a person that enters into a business. This person may or may not make a purchase but did in fact enter into the store. When the invitee enters the store or is on the store’s premises, the owner of the store and employees at the time of the invitee’s entrance have a duty to care for the safety of the invitee. This means that any unforeseen or inconspicuous hazards are clear. For example, if a grocery store worker mops a food aisle, it is important to have a sign displaying that the floor is wet. Doing this not only protects the invitee, but may determine liability on the customer or the store.

Slip And Fall

A slip and fall is a type of injury that can be caused by oneself or a hazard. Someone can fall due to fainting or simply by tripping. Other times, however, it could be the cause by the negligence of a person or business. If a business’s negligence caused a customer to fall like in the example above, then that customer can sue the business for negligence and other legal causes as an invitee. Your attorney may also find that the business took adequate steps to try to prevent such injury. This is why it is important to obtain counsel from an attorney with business and personal injuries.

Consulting An Attorney

 If you find yourself in this predicament, you will need to contact an attorney that can litigate not just the injury but someone with business litigation skills. A personal injury lawyer with the experience to bring your cause of action against or on behalf of a business will provide you with the result that you are looking for.

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